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Amplify human potential with AI-powered HR: Join global HR and tech leaders sharing insights at the AI4HR 2024 Virtual Summit.

September 18, 2024
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About AI4HR

AI4HR is a virtual summit that brings HR leaders and professionals together to discuss the latest AI-driven innovations, processes, and possibilities that impact business growth and drive workforce efficiency.

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Meet Our Speakers

Anita Chandrasekhar Img
Anita Chandrasekhar
Global Recruitment Strategy and Operations Lead | Zapier Logo
Anthony Onesto Img
Anthony Onesto
Chief People Officer | Suzy Logo
Joe Bast Img
Joe Bast, Ph.D.
VP, People | Crisp Logo
Shay David Img
Dr Shay David
Co-founder and CEO | Retrain Ai Logo
Barbie Brewer Img
Barbie Brewer
Chief People Officer | Safe Logo
Qasim Asad Salam Img
Qasim Asad Salam
Co-founder & CEO | Talently Logo


Session Topics

AI-Driven Compliance: Navigating Employment Laws & International Hiring

Learn how AI helps navigate employment laws and compliance across countries. Understand and manage workforce regulations, taxes, benefits, and other employment laws to ensure compliance and optimize international hiring processes.

Reimagining Work: AI's Impact on HR Roles and Responsibilities

Discover how AI is transforming HR by automating tasks and enhancing decision-making. Learn about the new skills needed for HR professionals and strategies to adapt to these changes.

Revolutionizing Talent Acquisition with AI: From Sourcing to Assessment

Explore how AI transforms talent acquisition and assessment. Learn about AI-driven sourcing strategies, evaluating candidate capabilities, enhancing candidate quality and quantity, and conducting behavioral and cultural assessments to find the perfect fit for your organization.

Predictive AI for Talent Matching: Cultural and Retentive Fit

Discover how AI-driven talent matching uses predictive analytics to assess cultural fit, retention potential, and other markers, ensuring candidates match job requirements and align with the organization's values and culture.

Boosting Team Success with AI Insights - Optimize Productivity

Learn how AI tools can improve team productivity and success. Identify optimal working conditions, detect burnout, enhance mental performance, and implement tailored learning interventions for upskilling and continuous improvement.

Personalizing Talent Management and Career Growth with AI

Learn how to use AI for personalized talent development programs. Prepare employees for career advancement, foster a feedback culture, ensure leadership continuity, and prevent role vacuums, improving the overall welfare of both talent and the organization.

Securing Employee & Employer Data: AI and the New Frontiers of Privacy

Understand how AI protects employee data. Learn about managing and storing employee data securely, preventing data weaponization, regulating permission levels, and safeguarding against data misuse.

AI Synergy: Integrating Intelligent Systems into HR Technology

Explore the integration of AI with existing HR technologies. Learn how to integrate various HR technologies to improve workflows and understand the impact on organizational success and efficiency.

Managing Distributed Teams: AI Solutions for Remote Work

Learn about AI solutions for managing distributed teams effectively. Understand how to converge talents from diverse locations, cultures, and beliefs, foster collaboration, and drive organizational success in a remote work environment.

Fostering a Culture of Innovation: AI’s Role in Shaping Workplace Dynamics

Learn how AI fosters innovation, boosts creativity, and improves employee engagement. Discover practical strategies to implement AI for a dynamic workplace culture.

AI for Inclusion: Tackling Bias and Promoting Diversity

Discover how AI can enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion by identifying and mitigating biases. Learn strategies to create a more inclusive and fair workplace.

Last Year’s Highlights

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The keynote address by Samuel Dahan, Chief of Policy at Deel, addresses how AI's growing prevalence is shifting the legal landscape, particularly regarding employment regulations and practices.
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Performance Management with AI-Driven Talent Intelligence & Analytics: Levi Barbosa & Burak Bakkaloglu uncovers how artificial intelligence (AI) can elevate performance management through data-driven insights, leading to improved talent management and HR excellence.
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Revolutionizing Company Culture with AI: Enhancing Employee Retention and Organizational Success by Anthony Onesto, Chief People Officer at Suzy and Johannes Sundlo, Sr. HR Manager at Avalanche Studios Group.

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